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Semi-automatic line of packing charcoal

The line is intended for semi-automatic packaging of granulated product (charcoal, pellets, fertilizers, cat litter, pet food and others) in a package.

Semi-automatic line of packing  charcoal

The line may include:

  • 1 - loading hopper with vibratory flow (possibly with perforations for screening);
  • 2 - Bucket conveyor;
  • 3 - Dispenser semi-automatic with a hopper;
  • 4 - Dust extraction system (aspiration) into 3 zones;
  • 5 - Discharge conveyor (part of the bag closing system);
  • 6 - Bag stitching machine.
Semi-automatic line of packing  charcoal

pneumatic bag clamp two-strand dispenser (rear view)

Semi-automatic line of packing  charcoal Semi-automatic line of packing  charcoal


  • Productivity - 2000 kg / h;
  • Mass dose 1.0 –20.0 kg;
  • Dose accuracy - 5%;
  • The method of dose formation is by weight;
  • The filled capacity - a package;
  • Package size - according to customer requirements;
  • Dosing material - granulated product;
  • Fraction size - 20 ... 80 mm;
  • The area occupied is no more than 25 sq. M. (depends on the configuration and explication);
  • Height - no more than 3500 mm;
  • Installed power - no more than 10 kW (depending on configuration).
Semi-automatic line of packing  charcoal

Technical features of the line:

  • 1. Adjustable speed of the feeding conveyor.
  • 2. Powerful air handling unit.
  • 3. The dust collector zones are maximally closed (presented on the photo of the aspiration system), which prevents the spread of dust in the room where the dispenser is installed.
  • 4. The extended tray, between the receiving bunker and the conveyor - makes it possible to load the product into the receiving bunker, in the warehouse, and the packaging and storage of products - in another. This significantly reduces the dust level of the room, so that the dust does not settle on bags with finished products.
  • 5. The dust collected by the aspiration system accumulates in the cyclone and can be recycled.
  • 6. It is possible to install automatic packet feeding into the loading zone with subsequent withdrawal and sewing.

Installations are operated in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Europe. Reviews and demonstration at the request of the customer.

Semi-automatic line of packing  charcoal Price, subject to delivery - Kiev, FCA:
Line picking:

Semi-automatic dispenser with electronic hopper weighing system and mechanical clamping (2 000 kg / hour)

Pneumatic bag clamp

Feed hopper with vibratory flow and sieve (2.0 m3)
Bucket conveyor with automation system (5000 kg per hour)

Roller conveyor discharge conveyor with height adjustment (up to 2 m long)

Sack sewing machine on the bracket with height adjustment (manual)
3 point dust extraction system

Line price in this picking *:

19 700 euros

* At change of a complete set of the line, its cost will change.
  • Additional specifications, packaging containers and others - at the conclusion of the contract.
  • Production time: 60 days.
  • Training in equipment operation rules, as per add. agreement.
  • Terms of payment: 70% - equipment manufacturing and delivery on the territory of the Manufacturer. 30% - after signing the acceptance certificate, before shipment of the Equipment. Warranty - 12 months, after-sales service.

Crushing complex for charcoal

This complex is designed for grinding wood and coal and screening fines, with the aim of subsequent packaging.


  • Productivity - 2t / hour;
  • Input fraction - 0-200 mm;
  • The separation into fractions - 0-20 mm (goes to screening); 20-80 mm (goes on packing).
  • It is possible to divide into more fractions (by agreement with the customer).
  • Type crusher - roll.
  • The volume of the bunker is 6 m3.

Principle of operation:

Coal with a maximum fraction of 200x200x200 mm is loaded into a 6 m3 hopper and crushed with a roll crusher to a fraction of a maximum of 80 mm. Shredded coal wakes up on a vibrating screen, where the 80-20 mm fraction is separated from the sifting (fraction 0-20 mm).

* At the request of the customer, this complex can be equipped with a feed bucket conveyor, weighing dispenser, aspiration system, bag sewing machine and discharge conveyor.
  • The cost of the complex is 5,900 euros.
  • Delivery time - 45 days.
  • Payment terms - 70% - prepayment,
  • 30% - after manufacture and demonstration of work, before shipment.
  • Delivery condition - FCA, Kiev.
  • Warranty - 12 months.