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Rolls packing machine into film

Rolls packing machine into film


Line is designed for packaging rolls of film or other roll materials (such as wallpaper, nets, fabrics, etc.) in the shrink film.

Line benefits:

  • Rolls are packaged automatically with a capacity of up to 6 packs\min;
  • Capability of loading several rolls in the storage tray;
  • Formation of four-seam packaging;
  • Heat shrinkage of film (PVC, Polyolefin) is carried out in the heat tunnel;
  • Sealing mode control;
  • Conveyor speed control;
  • Shrink tunnel temperature control;
  • Modular design provides an opportunity to build a machine in accordance with customer needs

Line components:

  • Automatic packaging machine;
  • Heat tunnel;


  • Capacity, pcs/min – up to 6 pcs;
  • Label laying - according to requirements specification;
  • Sealing type - pulse;
  • Sealing tool - NiCr wire;
  • Number of sealing devices, pcs – 3;
  • Sealing device length, mm - according to requirements specification;
  • Roll holder, pcs – 2;
  • Diameter of the packaged roll, mm - 150; 350 (according to requirements specification);
  • Connection - 380V/50Hz, 6 bar;
  • Packaging material - PVC (TU), polyolefin film.

Equipment is manufactured according to customer's requirements

Rolls packing machine into film