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Automatic machine for the manufacture of packages with changing sizes

Automatic machine for the manufacture of packages with changing sizes


The installation is designed for welding thermoplastic films from polymeric materials and manufacturing products from them, providing unwinding of the web from the roll, cutting holes (if necessary), welding a longitudinal seam, welding a transverse seam, cutting and pulling the web to a fixed size in an automatic (semi-automatic mode). The unit is designed to work in rooms with a temperature of + 200 ° C to + 350 ° C with a relative humidity of up to 75%. Connection of installation - to the alternating current main 220B and compressed air.


* Any characteristics of the equipment can be changed in accordance with individual customer requirements.


  • length, mm - 4200
  • width, mm - 1000
  • height, mm - 2100
  • Web width, mm - up to 900 (adjustable)
  • Thickness of the 1st layer of a cloth, micron - up to 200
  • The number of layers of the canvas - up to 4
  • Type of welding welding - constant / pulse
  • Joint width, mm - 10
  • Maximum product length, mm - up to 1000
  • Hole diameter, mm - 39.5
  • Power supply parameters - 220В10%, 50 Hz to 2.5 kW
  • Pneumatic network parameters - 6 atm., Not less than 50 l / min.
  • Plant capacity (products / hour) pcs. - not less than 300


The design of the machine:

  • The design of the machine:
  • the roll holder module has four independent roll installation units with a film sag compensator, roll braking and guide shafts;
  • the hole cutting module has a die cutting actuator with the ability to manually adjust the position in width and length;
  • welder longitudinal seam with a knife trimming the edge;
  • clamping the fabric in front of the transverse welder;
  • welder cross seam with a cutting knife;
  • module to extract the product to a specified size;
  • Control block.

The control unit provides:

  • manual switching on and indication of the unit power supply;
  • emergency work blocking button;
  • two independent temperature controllers for the temperature of welding instruments, with manual switches and indicators;
  • mode switch settings - filling - automatic and indication of the selected mode of operation;
  • switch of automatic operation cycles single - full - half-package and indication of the selected cycle;
  • start and stop buttons;
  • button for turning on the product counter and indicator of the achievement of the specified number of products; - actuator activation buttons in setup mode; - remote control with buttons for restarting the product counter and emergency work blocking.

Parameters and settings:

  • working temperature of welders (on thermostats) - 0-2500С
  • current counter (controller) - indication
  • installation of the counter (controller) - 1-99 pieces
  • time of welding of a cross seam (controller) - 0-20 sec
  • when welding a longitudinal weld (controller) - 0-20 sec
  • knife actuation delay (controller) - 0-5 sec
  • delayed operation of die cutting (controller) - 0-3 sec
  • delay of release of captures (controller) - 0-0.5 sec.
Automatic machine for the manufacture of packages with changing sizes

Equipment warranty - 12 months.

At production of the equipment components of production are applied Germany, Italy.

Payment conditions:

  • 70% pre-payment;
  • 30% - after manufacturing and tests, before
  • shipment.

Term of production:

  • 60 working days.

Terms of delivery: